Guidance FAQs

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1 What is a prerequisite?
2 Do I need permission to be in any classes?
3 What credits do I have to complete for a basic diploma from Cloverdale High School?
4 What do you mean by "2 additional credits from the previously mentioned areas or in technical competency?"
5 What classes do I have to take at each grade level?
6 How many credits do I need to move on to the next grade level?
7 Do I have to have Core 40 to graduate?
8 Do I have to take a foreign language?
9 Do I have to take Chemistry?
10 Do I have to take Geography and World History?
11 Do I have to take Health?
12 If I earn credits before high school, for example 8th grade Algebra, will the credits count in high school?
13 Can I take Geometry and Algebra II at the same time? Or Algebra and Geometry? Or Algebra II and Pre-Calculus?
14 How many times can I take Strength and Conditioning (Advanced P.E.)?
15 If I really liked a class, can I take it again?
16 Do I have to take English Literature I before English Literature II? What about American Literature I before American Literature II?
17 May I take more than two English courses during my junior year?
18 If I take more than two English courses when I'm a junior, do I still have to take two English courses when I'm a senior?
19 Do Yearbook and Newspaper (Student Publications) count for English credit?
20 How many credits do I need to go to Area 30?
21 Can I be a cadet?
22 Do I get credit for Driver's Education?
23 If I'm going to be a senior and I need only a few classes, can I come to school for part of the day?
24 If I'm a senior and have completed all of my graduation requirements by the end of the 1st or 2nd trimester, can I graduate early?
25 Are there advantages to earning an Indiana Academic Honors Diploma?
26 Can I change my schedule if I don't like it?
27 What if I don't pass the ISTEP+ GQE?