Sponsor:  Ms. Grimes
The Academic Spell Bowl Team is a team made up of high school students, grades 9-12, who compete in competitions locally, regionally, and state-wide.  Ten students participate in each competition and are required to spell nine words each.  The words get more difficult as the rounds progress.  At the end of the competition, the team that has spelled the most words correct wins for their division.  The top three teams move on to the next competition.  

Sponsor:  Mrs. Fidler
CHS Ambassadors is a program that allows responsible students in grades 10-12 to serve their school and their community as administrative assistants. These students must be recommended by at least three faculty members. Ambassadors exhibit qualities of leadership including friendliness, work ethic, reliability, organization, confidence, and positive attitude. They get experience building communication skills and taking leadership roles while helping our faculty and staff during school related functions. You may see them taking tickets, greeting and seating guests, and even serving food. Ambassadors help out with Summer Registration, the Alumni Banquet, Freshmen Orientation, and Graduation. Out in the community, Ambassadors have helped the PTO, the Civic League, and Dollars for Scholars. These students volunteer their personal time after school and sometimes on Saturdays. They are an inexhaustible resource of service.

Sponsor: Mr. Metzger
The EMERALD COMMAND offers many opportunities so students can choose how deeply they want to get involved with the band.  The center of the program is the Concert Band.  We also offer an award winning volunteer competition band that rehearses in the summer and fall.  Additional groups include the Pep Band, Winter Guard, Winter Drumline, and Solo and Ensemble participation. 

Sponsor: Ms. Lafever
The Mixed Choir is open to any student, grades 9-12 with a desire to sing in a large group.  We do 3 school concerts a year, lust 2 competitions, a Variety Show, and sing at Graduation.  We perform a wide variety of musical styles. 
The Women's Ensemble is a selected group of auditioned singers, grades 10-12.  The group usually consist of 15-20 members.  These students do at least four school concerts and four to five competitions.  This group also serves as an ambassador group for the High School and does many performances around this county and surrounding areas.  The Ensemble has received five All Music Award Banners from the Indiana State School Music Association. 

Sponsor:  Mrs. Dix
The Consumer Homemaking Club is open to any student who is now taking or has completed a Family and Consumer Science class.  Meetings are held on Fridays during SRT.  The goal is to promote responsibility and community service.  The club's annual projects will vary according to the input of the membership and the needs of segments of our community.  Past projects have been completed at the local nursing home, senior citizen housing and the elementary school.

Sponsor:  Mrs. Edie and Ms. Conder
The FFA is the career and technical education student organization that is an integral part of the instruction and operation of a total agricultural education program. As an intra-curricular organization and essential component of the total program, the local agricultural education teacher(s) serve as the FFA chapter advisors. The many activities of the FFA parallel the methodology of the instructional program and are directly related to the occupational goals and objectives. As an integral part of the instructional program, district and state level FFA activities provide students opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency in the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they have acquired through the agricultural science and agricultural business total program. Agricultural education students demonstrating a high degree of competence in state level FFA activities are highly encouraged to represent their local communities, districts, and state by participating in national FFA activities.
Instructional activities of the FFA require participation of the agricultural science and agriculture business education students as an integral part of an agricultural education course of instruction and, therefore, may be considered an appropriate use and amount of the allotted instructional time.

Sponsor:  Mr. Varnes
The purpose of National Art Honor Society is to inspire and recognize those students who have shown outstanding ability in art.  We also want to bring art to the attention of the school and community.  The National Art Honor Society wants to further creative abilities and talents of the Society's members, as well as the school's entire student art enrollment.  Members must have been enrolled in a high school art class for at least one semester.  The members must be a sophomore, junior, or senior.

Sponsor:  Mrs. Sewell

Sponsor:  Ms. Sipe
A service club that helps with Bikes for Tykes and other organizations. We've given money to the Cloverdale Park fund also. Most of the monies we raise go to seniors for "Senior Scholarships".  In January 2010, we will have a fundraiser for senior scholarships.  We also try to give money to a needy organization during each school year.

Sponsor:  Ms. Sipe
A very prestigious organization.  Students must have a 3.5 GPA and also be in Spanish for 5 semesters before they can be in the Society.  This organization is new as of  the 2008-2009 school year.  Students are given the opportunity to have their art work published in the Spanish Honor Society magazine.  Last year a senior in AP Spanish was published in the magazine !Albricias!

Sponsor:  Mrs. Baker
SADD is a group that products awareness about lifestyle decisions that could affect your life and safety.

Sponsor:  Mrs. Gibboney
Student Council has the following goals:
Student spirit (school spirit) - homecoming events, dances, and locker decorations
Leadership Development - state conference, service within school (announcements, registration)
Community Service - Christmas toy drive, blood drives, senior citizen prom
Student Government - class officers, student council officers